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Looks and Kisses

It is important that the eyes should meet first. Looking into one another’s eyes forms a union to base the rest of the happening on. If you observe concern or nervousness in each other’s eyes, this can be addressed with a gentle smile. Only after this primary contact should your eyes move down to her mouth. Observed if you can see some tenseness or trembling. If you can observed her being scared, you need to reassure her not to get scared for that very delightful experience. It will only lead to issues if you push a woman that is not yet ready. You will be greatly rewarded if you know how to take your time with her. Many men rush past these first stages of intimacy because they are afraid to get emotionally involved. However, you must understand that your woman wants to feel it from you. You must make your woman believe you that you are not just after of having sex with her but you need her in all the way. Explore the emotions of each touch. Be playful, never set goals just enjoy the experience and do not push borders to avoid conflicts. This can reinforce them. Be perfectly satisfied with what you get, and more will probably be given to you. Reassure her that just being along with her makes you happy.

After the gentle smiles, you need to touch her. MMMMMMMMMM, your naked flesh on her naked flesh – except not much yet. Give her more time, even if the longing is hurting you now. Leisurely get her hand and carry it to your lips, while continuing to smile into her eyes. Kiss the rear of her hand gently, turn it and push it again with her palm. The probability is, if you done it right she will close her eyes to separate her senses from any distraction and feel only the nice sensation that you bringing to her. Slowly place kisses up the inside of her forearm to the elbow joint. Kissing longer but do not use your tongue yet. when you are done kissing her elbow, place her arm around her neck.. Take her other arm and put it around your neck. Then you can place your hands around her waist and look at her lips again.When you can see that her lips is slightly parted that means she is ready for you.

If you feel that she is holding back, you need to kiss her cheek. Then her chin. Stop and look at her again. It really makes a woman excited when the man rest his forehead on mine slightly with his lips just slightly away from mine, that I can feel his breathing as well as his warm skin. I feel so hot and wet, the moment my man carefully stroke his lips with my lips. Do this to your woman and soon she will strain hungrily for your lips. Give her a chance to choose what she wants to do. She should trust you completely so, never push her to do anything, just let her be. Savor the moment by pressing your lips against hers. Feel the softness of her lips. When you press your lips lips against hers, check her reaction.. If she craves your kisses, then it is time to move on.

Taking Off The Clothes

Women’s clothing are generally so complicated! You do not need to undress her in rush, you can do it with lot of caress and passion. When you fumble, don’t worry, just make sure it is just a little fumbling. Probability is, she find it a little bit hard to unzip your jeans too. Break off the kiss and look down as you unbutton her blouse. As you slide it off her shoulders, kiss her again, gently, lovingly. Run your hands up and down her naked arms, enjoying her flesh as she enjoys your caresses. When caressing her, check if the hooks of her brassiere is at the back. As you kiss her shoulder and neck, trail you fingers across as you slowly move around. Kiss that perfect spot where her neck joins her shoulder. When my man hits that spot, my knees go weak. After you un-hook her bra and slide it off her shoulders,pause to admire her, just for a moment.

Cup her breast with your hands softly after a few moment of adoring her body. Do not spend so much time in playing her breasts and nipples. The point is to get both of you undressed.

AmberCutie suggest that, you give attention to where you exactly drop her clothes, since most women are somewhat picky about it. Lay them over a chair or dresser – not on the floor. That way clothes are out of your way.

Kiss her, pull away, and smile at her as you remove your shirt and undershirt. Come back to her arms and kiss her again. This kiss should be long and deep. Play your tongue around her mouth, over her teeth. Take pleasure with the feeling of being pressed to naked breasts. Hug her and pull her closer to you but make sure that you are not holding her too tight. No woman wants to feel like being in prison by a man. As you caress her back gently and softly, continue to kiss her. As you playfully kiss her, bring your hands down to her waist, caressing it softly.. Don’t stop kissing her as you attempt to undo her jeans. It is much better if you can unzip her jeans without looking at it, your eyes should be locked in her eyes. Unbutton and/or unzip them, but don’t pull them down yet.

Go back to kissing. Check how she feels. Be aware of her body language, when she pressed hard her body to yours, that’s a signal for you to move forward. Observe the way she kisses you, if she gives you short kisses, it means she wants you to take it slow. But, there are few women who enjoy ripping your clothing off and playing your throat with their tongue as hard as she can. If your woman is one of this kind, by all means enjoy her!

According to AmberCutie match her pace but let her be the aggressive one. Strong women like this will let you know exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it. For this type of woman, they want it rough and fast.

Note that many women remain to be passive while being undress. Take it slowly, especially if your woman is not trying to take off your jeans. Allow her to enjoy and take pleasure in every sensation that she feels. If ever she break off from kissing you, look at her in her eyes smile at her.. In every move that she is making, give her an assurance that everything is alright.. Always observed her reaction when you try to pull down her jeans. When you sense that she is ok with what you are doing, start kissing her neck going down to her neck and tummy. Then, pull the jeans all the way down. When you are done pulling down her jeans, look at her. Smile at her when your eyes meet. If you see her with closed eyes, it means you are making her happy. Kiss her tummy and cup her ass cheeks in both hands. Breathe in her scent and let her feel the heat of your breath on her panties. Then stand up slowly. Kiss her deeply and gently while removing your own jeans, kicking them away.

It is now time to move to the bed, but remember, as always SLOW and GENTLE. Encourage her to sit in one of the edge of the bed as you sit down next to her. You should keep on caressing her shoulder and back with your fingers moderately and lightly, so that she can feel a tingling sensation. You have to play as well as cup her breast when you kiss her neck. As you continue kissing her earlobes, entwined and roll the nipple in between your fingers.. Kiss her mouth and play your tongue around hers. Give her a hard kiss, then quickly kiss her all over her face. Ease her back until she’s lying on the bed. Lay your body over hers. Hold her face in your hands until she opens her eyes, then smile and kiss her. Since she’s only wearing her panties now, run your hands over her everywhere while you kiss her lips and neck. As you move your hands to caress her legs you can now move your mouth to kiss her breasts and lick it with your tongue spending quality time with her breast.

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AmberCutie Talks About How To Make Love to a Woman


Love making. Fierce, sensational, magnificent love making.

We all love having sex. Who doesn’t? Sizzling, Horny , Exciting in addition to superb sex. Making love successfully is simply incomparable. It leaves one in the state of eternal pleasure. You can make a woman, scream, cry and beg for your touch and you alone, if you know which bitton to push. Making love can make one feel energized and postive. But unfortunately there a many men out there who does not know how to touch right. Know everything about it with me. I am AmberCutie who knows and love to teach you how. A repertoire of positions or ‘moves’ and also common region of woman’s clit are not adequate. Darling, I am telling you, rub that thing until you are turning blue but most often than not, it will not bring your woman about orgasm.


Focus as well as Timing

Take your time that it hurts. Never believe that sensual and slow touches cam bore a woman, it can infact make her more horny and hot. Woman needs to feel somewhat loved and not just being fucked. It is important that you enjoy each other so take your time. Listen to your what your woman’s body want to tell you.

I had my first on-line sexual experience years ago with a delightful man of 25. Was actually chatting online for more than six months but have not think of having sex online. He and I met in a chat room and spoke daily for hours. He gave me a kissed one day. The real feeling that I feel with that cyber kiss makes me feel so amazed. That kiss makes me feel wet and the my nipples are hardened. And a virtual kiss at that. Clearly, this man is expert and he knows romancing too well and how to take it slow. Every day we talked and kiss. The day came when he took me further even more. With his arms around me, his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth, he pushed me gently down onto our bed. He kept the pace slow that makes me want him so much. Kissing my neck while softly touching my breast. As we removed our clothes, he spent some time to enjoy the beauty of my naked body, as I enjoy admiring his smooth skin and hard cock. Pulled him down on top of me,as we continously play each other’s tongue. The hardness of his cock pressing against my pubic hair felt so good.

He reached down and guided his hard cock to my wet pussy, as we continue to kiss. Definitely this man really knew what is doing!

Later, when I asked him where he had learned how to please a woman such as myself, he told me of his past girlfriend. How she was as inexperienced as he, and of how they had fumbled together, finding out finally where each piece went. He looked for the company of older women, learned from them on how to please them and he moved on when he learned so much to another woman….which leaves us wondering: Exactly, what is sex? Contrary to popular belief, sexual sensations are not based in the body. Sex includes mind for many women. A woman needs to get fully in the mood first, or it will not matter how you tweak her body. Continue reading if you want to laerned more about how to please a woman. If you think, you don’t need it…still I am recommending that you read along, I assure you’ll enjoy this. I swear.

The very first and essential thing is the time and pace. Every woman want it slow. If you want to get laid in regular basis, don’t hurry to the “good part” take time to please your woman. It is therefore recommended that, you learned the art of pleasing and making love with a woman psychologically. Orgasm is not the goal of sex. Ectasy of both partner is the actual goal of sex. Never lose confidence if she does not orgasm all the time and do not have sex for orgasm alone. The truth is, many women don’t cum as easily as men. If you can learn to control yourself, and learn to indulge in the intimacy and experience of sex, you can make her come, and maybe more than once.

In fact, sex doesn’t even have to involve penetration. Pleasure your woman by simply worshiping her body for the night. Look for all spot that can turn her hot and horny. Brush, stroke, lick, kiss…her neck, tummy, legs as well as shoulders and oh don’t forget those parts behind her knees too. You will find you can make her purr like a kitty by running your fingernails down her back or softly biting the skin of her thighs. The penetration, the pushing in and out thing become boring when done regularly.

According to AmberCutie it is very essential that in every sexual experience you should do it as unique experience of indulgence and pleasurable feelings.

Don’t be decieved by looking for some selection of foreplays, for there is no such thing as a such thing. The term foreplay’ was invented by women trying to get some attention from their men before getting on with the ‘real’ sex, that good old in-and-out penetration. The long experience of making love that is hot and wet is what sex is all about for real women. Don’t allow yourself to become a victom of routine sex. Learn to know what your woman wants and what your woman needs.



10 Sex Moves Woman Wants

There are things that woman craves that their man will do for them in bed. AmberCutie here sharing with you the secrets that can make your women moan with pleasure.

10. Give her breasts much more consideration



A lot of folks indulge a lady’s bosoms through foreplay but forget about them throughout the main event, the extra stimulation can result in a more impressive ejaculation for her. As well as, it is necessary to spot more than just her erect nipples, because her total breasts comes complete with nerves, particularly the lows. When she actually is on top, make use of your disposal to draw extensive, slower arenas, starting up round the outside of a single busts and spiraling in till you are pretty much at her nipple. Then use your side to cup and lift the underside of her breasts, and taste around her nipple prior to protecting it entirely along with your oral cavity and slurping gently.

9. Present her with a H-Spot climax
Close to this much-discussed-about area can be found about 2 in . inside her genitals around the top wall membrane. Some documents say it is spongy and how big any money, but it’s not easy to experience, so just induce that general region while having sex and you might offer her a much more intensive orgasmic pleasure. To hit it using your male organ, attempt altered doggie-type. Rather than getting her retain her hands direct with your ex palms on the sleep, inquire her to reduce himself on her arms. Holding her body for harmony, thrust slowly at first and after that up the intensity. With each and every move, the penis will stroke against the the front wall of her vagina, rousing the perfect location.

8. Amaze her with a quickie
Once you leap her seemingly unprovoked, it makes her feel as if she is so alluring that you simply can’t wait around to have her. As soon as she likes to house, move her set for a deep kiss to acquire her going. Relieve her of any totes she is transporting and lead her to the chair, mattress, or home, where you will possess currently stashed a package of lube nearby. Never totally undress her just lift her dress or pull lower her trousers. Then make use of lubed palms to massage her clitoris although whispering how hot she actually is in her ear. The more excited you happen to be, the quicker she’ll enter it. (Needless to say, there’ll be times when she has not video game. In the event that occurs, let it go and try yet another evening.)

7. Softly pull her locks
There are lots of nervous feelings inside the scalp, then when she actually is excited, they may be more hypersensitive, so taking to be with her hair thinks added rousing. But there’s a get: If you do it while you are having sex together with her from at the rear of, whenever they her seem like you’re treating her just like a prostitute. Rather, whilst she’s at the top, work you through her hair, pick up a small number of strands all-around her scalp, and present it a bit move. This performs specifically nicely if you are getting intensive, excited making love, since grabbing her anyplace, specifically a place hypersensitive, enhances the experience that she is staying ravished.

6. Chat dirty to her
Females are verbal creatures and our passion for terms reaches the sack. Regrettably, almost all of whatever you decide to have often heard guys say in adult porn ‘s all drastically wrong . What your partner does desire to hear are key phrases that illustrate how switched on you’re, how much you’re keen on her physique, and how very good you wish to make her experience . And much more important compared to what you think are the way you say it. When she’ll notice the using up lust in your words, her upper thighs virtually become popular fireplace.

5. Nibble and Kiss on her behalf neck
The skin that extends from underneath her headsets to her collarbone is quite slim, rendering it super sensitive to feel. Start off by using your mouth to riff from her hearing into exactly where her neck and shoulders fulfill. Then whack along the trail you simply still left. The heat of your respective language as well as the cool temperature of your respective inhale will take tingles throughout her physique. And then, get a little more hostile, and casually nip the bottom of her guitar neck (your skin is somewhat heavier the following which enable it to acquire much more strain). You must suck on her neck way too, but for only a second instead of with enough concentration.

4. Let Her Ejaculate with Oral

A lavish oral-sexual intercourse session makes it possible for her to relax and enjoy getting spoiled. (Sound familiar?) But diverse tactics may suffer more or less satisfying to her on several days. To figure out what is going to work best on her behalf every time, make sure to use a number of goes. Attempt licking gently, sucking, and utilizing a firm, aimed tongue in addition to a broad, smooth 1, and take note of which she does respond for the most enthusiastically. Once you feeling that she actually is gonna climax her physique will tight up and she will begin breathing faster go return to the move that elicited the biggest moans, and carry on doing it till she orgasms.

3. Caress her hot spot midaction
Many women are unable to orgasm while having sex without having clitoral activation, which is possibly why a lot of want much more of it! Once your hand can achieve her clitoris (woman-on-best and spooning from powering are a couple of great roles for accessibility), you must stroke her hot spot. Your touches needs to be slow and soft initially, moving on to more challenging and faster. When it comes to method, each lady is unique, so you’ve got to test: Test one particular kids finger hard pressed upon her clitoris, about three hands over the whole area, or high heel of your hands on her pubic mound her moans will explain when you have done it right.

2. Kiss her during sexual intercourse
If you are like the majority of folks, as soon as intercourse starts, it is likely you quit acquiring her. What a bad move, since kissing makes making love sense much more intimate for her, that’s essential to female enjoyment. Choose a situation that lets you be confront-to-confront, like missionary, or have her lay on your lap, then combine your bears so that they mirror the mood from the sexual intercourse you might be possessing. In case you are going at it like gangbusters, move her looking for a deep, tongue-stuffed kiss try nibbling her bottom lip and your lips securely towards hers. When things are slow and intimate, opt for a a lot more delicate kiss.

1. Be more intense
The main point girls want is so that you can be more hostile in bed. Meaning handling her body with power and self-confidence, which can be hugely sensual on her behalf. Plus it does not demand a great deal of operate or innovative abilities on your side. The truth is, performing just one single get-demand thing can increase her excitement amount. A number of to use: In missionary, acquire her wrists and keep them earlier mentioned her head, pinned to the mattress. When she has ahead, carry her waist and force/pull them back and forth, so her clitoris grinds upon your pubic bone. And when you wish to alter positions, don’t do it little by little or tactfully grab her and place her where you want her.

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